​Team Building And Celebrations

Looking to strengthen your team or just have a fun outing? The No Escape experience will create lasting memories.

This interactive and unique challenge, is a perfect team building exercise which brings people together as they share in their accomplishments. The game tests collaboration, communication, leadership, out of the box thinking, problem solving and team work as these skills are vital to escape the room.

As far as team building games go, it doesn’t get much more exciting than this! Corporate team building can sometimes feel forced and unnatural, but the No Escape experience naturally requires team skills.

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How the Escape Team Building Game will benefit your team?

  • Colleagues will rediscover one another as they work together to escape the room.
  • This fun team building game generates a sense of achievement amongst teams.
  • The post game discussion session will reveal the teams strengths and weaknesses.
  • Apart from the experience you can also opt for employee evaluation as well as other mini team building games.
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Where and How to use it?

    On a professional front –

  • Team Building (at our premises / offsite venues)
  • Employee assessment and succession planning
  • Candidate (interviewee) assessment

    On a recreational front –

  • Team / Office Outings
  • Celebrations or Surprise Parties
  • New Employee / Employee engagement
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Why No Escape ?

  • Best prices in Mumbai
  • Developed a game room which is suitable for first time / advanced players
  • Employee evaluation can be conducted during the game
  • PMP certified game master who understands your business needs
  • Option to set up the game at your premises / outdoor event
  • Discounts on bulk bookings