The Game

The Story

The Hostage Situation

Employees of a large Indian conglomerate have been taken hostage. They will release the hostages only if their needs are met – Rs. 1,00,00,000 in cash and a get away vehicle. All this needs to be done within 60 minutes or lives will be lost. The gang leader is identified as a psychopath. You are part of an elite group of commandos called the RAW. You have been called on an emergency mission – to rescue the hostages. Will you complete the mission successfully or become another victim?

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Prisoners Of War

Overall the recent Surgical Strike was a success except for the fact that you and your comrades have been captured and taken as Prisoners of War. You are locked behind bars in what looks like an underground bunker. All you have is 60 minutes before the Pakistani soldiers come back again with a decision on what to do with you. As you look around for a possible escape route you come across a black book with a familiar name written on it. As memory serves you right, this was the only comrade who managed to escape. You take a closer look at the book and notice that things are coded. Could this be an escape plan? Will you be able to decode it in time or will this be the last mission you serve for your country?

No Escape is for ?

Friends, Families and Children

Adults and children alike get swept up in the excitement of solving the puzzles before time runs out. It’s a perfect activity as it caters to a wide age range.


Are you looking for a recreational or a team building activity ? No Escape is a perfect mix of both. Team work, communication, problem – solving, leadership are some of the skills the game bring out.


For those who want to do something fun, surprising and different on their next celebration – birthday, anniversary, kitty party etc. Book your experience at No Escape. Personalize the game by handing over greetings cards, gifts and photographs which will be place in the room.


Test those relationship bonds and rediscover youself and your partner in a short span of time.

Game Enthusiasts

Put your Can you Escape and Criminal Case solving skills to the test in our reality game

Tourists and Visitors

Looking for something fun and unique in the city of Mumbai then head down to No Escape. This worldwide craze has just hit India and has already become the No. 1 thing to do in many parts of India.


Be it a Birthday, Anniversary, Kitty party etc. it can all be celebrated as an activity at No Escape. Our standard game is packed with a lot of fun and uniqueness. One can hand over warm greeting cards, cherished photographs and gifts which we will place / hide in the room.

We also have an option to customize the game where clues and puzzles revolve around the celebrity of the day.

Every month we celebrate a number of Birthdays and Anniversaries and have received awesome feedback. The game needs to be customized for kids between the age of 8 – 12. It is this age group which plays with the greatest enthusiasm. Other age groups are also seen to be totally engrossed and mesmerized by the game.

For the next surprise celebration, look no further, book a game at No Escape and then write all about it in your book of memories!!​

How to Play